Changing My Diet, Changing My Life (Part II)

Here is Part II of my diet transition...Enjoy!

My increase in energy and performance had me excited. Not only that, but it felt rewarding removing meat from my diet. In 2014 we moved back to the United States where I signed for the LA Galaxy. At this point I hadn't completely removed dairy from my diet. Through more research I learned that the dairy industry was just as hurtful to our environment as the meat industry was. During my first preseason in Los Angeles I made this change and decided to become completely Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB). By now less than 1% of my diet consisted of dairy and/or animal products. 

Throughout preseason I felt great. I attributed this almost completely to changing my diet. Not only did preseason go well, our team had a great season that concluded with winning the clubs 5th MLS Cup title. My own personal achievements were just as gratifying, especially knowing the changes I made to improve. I went the entire season without an injury, I appeared in every match, started the most games of my career, I was in the top 3 players on the team in most distance covered and my recovery rate was almost the highest on the team.

Making this transition has not just improved my on-field performance but also my off-field life. I believe that this change is beneficial for not just high-level athletes, but all human beings. If we eat this way we show respect for our environment and our health. I am confident (and research shows) that if you make the change to a WFPB diet, your health will improve. The top two killers in our society are directly related to diet, heart disease and cancer. What is so amazing about making these changes is that for many of us we can control the outcome of disease or prevent it all together. Why wouldn't we want to do that?


*Please note that changes to diet should be made over time and in a way that is safe. Do your research and find the best way to make the changes that could help you improve your overall health and wellness. Feel free to e-mail me here with any questions about my transition*