Why We're Doing This

We've tried this before. It wasn't that we failed in our idea but we had our focus somewhat backwards. We were too concerned with making a perfect website, creating "content" and getting people to see what we were doing. Through this process we forgot why we wanted to create Athlete In Full to begin with. Our goal was to share valuable content with athletes of all ages, male or female and at various competitive levels.

This was always a project in which we wanted to share information we've gathered throughout our careers plus pearls of wisdom from various credible sources about what goes into making an athlete and how YOU could possibly use these as tools to guide you through your journey.

This is what we are going to try and do now. We plan on using this site to share content about training, nutrition, books, products, psychology, and anything that we feel could be valuable to your development as an athlete and quite frankly as a human being. It is our hope that you find something that sticks with you or you can share with someone else. 

The internet is a priceless asset that we can all use toward being lifelong learners. With all the information available to us it would be a disservice to underutilize it. We hope you'll join us on our journey.

-Ian and Baggio